About Me

While living on Long Island, NY for over 20 years, I nurtured a deep and passionate love for pizza. I lived in Missouri during my teen years and having been back in the St. Louis area since 2012, I'm still seeking to unlock the puzzle that is provel cheese.

A somewhat particular (some might say picky) eater, I have developed quite a discerning palate over the years, though almost anything involving bacon or salted caramel are instant hits!

While living on Long Island, I began studying the art of Bo Fung Do, an extension of Wing Chun Kung Fu, at Modern Warrior in Lindenhurst, NY. I received my Black Belt in 2008.

A certified Rape Prevention Instructor, I have led numerous 4-hour Rape Prevention Classes and demonstrations in the community. I have been in command of a legion of 4, 8 and 16-week Female Self Defense Courses held at Modern Warrior, in addition to co-leading an Instructor Certification Course for national and international self defense trainers.

Upon my return to the St. Louis area, I led a 2-hour self defense class for Girl Scout Troop 1557 and made an appearance on the Fox 2 News Morning Show with Tim Ezell. I also led a number of 4-week Female Self Defense Courses at the City of St. Peters Rec Plex and for St. Charles Community College Continuing Education.

For more on my martial arts and self defense training, as well as general safety tips, visit the Self Defense Saint Louis Facebook page.

I earned a BS in Advertising and an AAS in Marketing, and thoroughly enjoy the informative and amusing world of social media.

Always up for trying something new, I relish pies topped with mozzarella & mushrooms or the classic ham & pineapple combo. While on the east coast, Sicilian, white and Grandma slices were a staple in my steady diet of pizza.