Pieology - St. Charles, MO

Pieology’s Build Your Own Pie Concept
Nestled in the rapidly-expanding restaurant and entertainment complex at the intersection of I-70 and South 5th St., simply dubbed “The Streets of St. Charles” (and former site of the once-famous Noah’s Ark Restaurant and Hotel), Pieology aims to offer diners the luxury of building their own pizza pie. You start off by choosing your crust, then pick out your sauce, cheese, meats, veggies and other toppings, while the Pieology employee builds and bakes it for you, right before your eyes.

Though for decades, pizzerias have taken orders from customers specifying exactly what they want atop their pies, the visual of watching it being created right in front of you gives you an enhanced sense of control, not to mention the feeling that there are far more customizable options (Pieology’s website extols their “more than 78 billion pizza possibilities”) than the dozens of other pizza parlors dotting our River City landscape.

They also offer a number of pre-determined “Pieologist’s Favorite Pies,” including Mad to Meat You, Alfredo’s Alfredo, Classic Margherita, Smokin’ Buffalo Chicken and more. There are no variances in size, as all pizzas are 11 1/2" and run $8.45 per pizza at the St. Charles, MO locale.

500 Degrees
Parking was tight on this Saturday evening, but available. Though the line inside to order looped around the counter, it took less than 10 minutes to begin ordering my customized pie. 

I had the option of white, whole wheat and gluten-free crusts to act as the doughy platform for my freshly baked pizza. The white and whole wheat are made fresh, in-house, every day. I opted for a white crust with House Red sauce, mozzarella, ricotta and mushrooms. 

My custom concoction was then whisked off to the 500 degree wood-fired oven for a quick bake. I filled up my self-serve fountain drink cup, noting that small to-go boxes were stacked nearby. Their additional beverage selections included bottled water, and beer and wine; the latter of which are available at select locations.

On this busy Saturday evening, I settled into a table by the door in the crowded dining room, to await delivery of my creation. 

The taste? Outstanding! They nailed the crust; it was thin, with a little bit of softness, while simultaneously having a chewy crustiness on the bottom. The House Red sauce was spot-on in its application and flavor, while the combo of mozzarella and ricotta was somewhat similar to a New York style “white slice.”

What else can I get on it?  
Their toppings offer something for virtually everyone, from the pickiest eaters to the kitchen sink types:

  • Mozzarella

  • Ricotta

  • Parmesan

  • Feta

  • Gorgonzola

  • Daiya® Mozzarella – available at select locations

  • Pepperoni

  • Sausage

  • Meatball

  • Canadian Bacon

  • All-Natural Bacon

  • All-Natural Chicken

  • Spicy All-Natural Chicken

Plus veggie options:

  • Black Olives

  • Mushrooms

  • Red Onions

  • Green Peppers

  • Artichokes

  • Garlic

  • Pineapple

  • Jalapeños

  • Corn

  • Kalamata Olives

  • Fresh Cilantro

  • Spinach

  • Banana Peppers

  • Fresh Basil

  • Grape Tomatoes

  • Roasted Red Peppers

If you enjoy the experience of watching your own customized pie built right in front of you, Pieology is great for date night - or a fun and economical family dinner!

TIP: Pieology also offers “After Bakes,” which are toppings and sauces like Pesto, BBQ Sauce and Fiery Buffalo sauce that are applied immediately after oven removal.

1405 Beale Street
Saint Charles, MO 63303
(636) 925-3912